Fall is in the air!

The crisp mornings are already making things special around here at The Lattice Inn. Windows thrown open with kitties sitting on the ledge, sampling the fresh air blowing through them.  While the weather might be cooling off, we still have many good days ahead for folks who want to enjoy our pool and decks.  And we’ll be taking Playcation guests through the end of September!  Book yours today.

Football Deal – And speaking of booking your accommodations, if you’re a football fan of area teams such as Alabama State, Auburn, Faulkner, Huntingdon, or Troy, take advantage of our 2+2=$200 football deal!  Two nights, two guests for $200, taxes included!

New Rates – And as any business person knows, the cost of doing business continues to increase, and as a result, we’ve made some minor adjustments in our rates to reflect these costs.  Our new rates are $105 for the Sandpiper and $95 for the Cabana and Magnolia Suites.  Even with these adjustments, we’re still the best value B & B in the River Region!  And just to soften the impact on our regular guests, we’ll give you your last best rate through the end of 2011.

New Kitties – Two new kitties have adopted The Lattice Inn.  We’re named them Mona (the mother) and Babycakes (the son).  Since both have bobbed tales, we took the names from some of our favorite characters from “Tales of the City”.  (Tales/tails – you get it, right?)  ;-)  Terrence and Phillip interact with them through the back storm door….interesting to say the least!

Retirement Plans – On a more serious note, I’ve decided to “retire again” and have given myself two years to find a new owner/innkeeper here at The Lattice Inn.  So, if you’ve always wanted to own and operate a B & B, get in touch….we’ll make you a wonderful deal for sure!  In the meantime, we’re still here, building the business, making new friends and enjoying the heck out of life!

Come visit soon and enjoy “Heaven on Hull”.

Jim Yeaman, Owner/Innkeeper

The Lattice Inn

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Looking back on 2010

One of the joys of a new calendar year is to reflect on significant events of the previous year.  In the case of The Lattice Inn, the act of reflection prompts us to pause and to say a rousing “thank you” to the hundreds of guests we’ve been able to host here in 2010.
A quick re-cap of the business shows that we hosted guests from four foreign countries (Canada, UK, Belgium and Germany), and 23 states in the U.S.  The leader in home states for our guests was Alabama, followed by North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California. Colorado, New York and Texas were the next most home states for some of our guests.

Aside from the wonderful panoply of personalities and professions that our guests have brought to The Lattice Inn, we’ve also been delighted by the exuberance of youth and the wisdom of age, the latter of which doesn’t necessarily depend on how many pages have been turned on the calendar of life.  Just recently, a young couple shared Christmas with us and were treated to a visit from Santa and stockings by the fireplace in their suite.  And then there were the two young health professionals who chose our location as a mid-point for one of their periodic rendezvous until they are able to finish their respective educations and tie the knot on a permanent relationship.  We were especially flattered by one of the partners who ventured into the dining room each day, decked out in her new pajamas.

During the campaign for Governor of Alabama, we were delighted to host a couple from the UK, whose last name just happened to be the same as one of our gubernatorial candidates.  They were excited by our presentation to them of a couple of yard signs and bumper stickers bearing the name that they shared with the candidate.  The fun continued when our guests got back home and sent us this photograph of two generations of Sparks!

The year continued to provide challenges and opportunities.  For those of you who have visited The Lattice Inn, you know that our back yard poses a real test for our gardening skills.  With the large amount of shade from the giant oak tree, it is often difficult to find plants that will thrive under its boughs.  The frustrations of past efforts to grow vegetables in the yard prompted us to try a “sky garden” on the south side of the upper deck.  Our ambitions got the best of us when we tried to grow too many things in such a small space.  We did manage to get a few tomatoes, nary a squash or cucumber, but more Basil than we could absorb.  The fresh Basil was a nice treat with our tomatoes served at breakfast.  Thankfully, we have a couple of neighbors who enjoyed the excess of our Basil harvest!

Come on March 15th! While Spring is just a few weeks away, we’re already starting to plan the layout of our flower boxes on the upper deck as well as elsewhere.  March 15th can’t come soon enough for us to venture out to Green Thumb Nursery to browse through their wonderful selection of quality plants, some of which will eventually adorn planters and urns throughout the property.

February Lovers Special. Don’t let the cold weather keep you away from the comfort and peace here at The Lattice Inn.  During the month of February, we honor all relationships for their longevity.  Take 1% off your rate for every year that you’ve been in your relationship – up to a maximum of 50% off!  Two-night minimum stay required.

Continuing Discounts. While we’re obviously in the business to turn a profit someday, we are pleased to extend nominal discounts to Seniors and Military.  These two groups get an automatic 5% discount just by asking for it.  No minimum stay required.  And if you stay with us during your birthday month, you can enjoy a 15% discount, with a two-night minimum stay.

Terrence and Phillip Report: When we first re-opened The Inn in 2008, some friends cautioned us about presenting some concerns to guests who might have an allergy or an aversion to our two house kitties, Terrence and Phillip.  With that in mind, we have featured them on our website (www.thelatticeinn.com), with the clear understanding that they are part and parcel of our operation.  To our delight, we now have guests who ask specifically about the kitties and enjoy their romps and playful antics.  Here’s a recent shot of the two reposing in their favorite position.

Thank you! To all the friends and guests who say nice things about The Lattice Inn, we’re grateful for your confidence in our attention to detail and our commitment to making anyone’s stay here a positive and memorable experience.  We welcome the opportunity to continue to earn your business and to be deserving of all of the kind comments about The Lattice Inn.

P.S.  Visit our page on Tripadvisor.com!

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Welcome to The Lattice INNsider!

Our regular newsletter, The Lattice INNsider, is moving online!  Look for our first issue of the new year soon.  We welcome your comments about experiences here at The Lattice Inn.   Come see why our guests have called us “Heaven on Hull”.

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